I am a seasoned editor who specializes in food, wine, and spirits. I have more than 15 years of experience in food writing and editing, including several years copyediting the Food & Wine section of the San Francisco Chronicle.

My current clients include all forms of food and wine media, including books, magazines, and the web. My primary focus is copyediting cookbooks.

When editing cookbooks, I draw on my extensive experience in food and wine journalism. I am able to spot holes and errors in copy that a less seasoned cook would miss. I also have a diploma in culinary arts from the Institute of Culinary Education (formerly Peter Kump’s) in New York, which gives me the breadth of knowledge to troubleshoot recipes.

During the last several years, I’ve done dozens of in-depth copyedits that included developmental editing. I am very experienced at transforming a shaky first draft into a polished manuscript that effectively communicates an author’s unique story.

I live in Berkeley, California, with my husband and two sons.

To contact me, email janetunks@gmail.com.